Benefits of Coaching

There are many advantages to getting help from a Coach to help you reach your health and fitness goals, here are just a few;

Any form of fitness training is a skill and just like any other skill it needs to be developed and enhanced so you can use it to get the most from it.  A good example is learning to play the piano, between one person who has 3 lessons a week and another who buys a piano and decides they are going to teach themselves with no previous musical experience who do you think will be the better pianist in 6 months time?

Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a coach will speed up the process drastically, it will save you making lots of mistakes along the way and make you focus on the correct things to do assisting you reach your goals quicker.  You aren’t just turning up and hoping that a bit of exercise will work, each session is designed for a specific outcome that is getting you closer and closer to you goal each time.

A good coach can also look at things objectively, they can stand back and take personal feelings away and address what needs to be done, this is hard to do when you are doing it to yourself.  They will be able to define any weaknesses or balances that need work on and these all add up towards quicker success.

Another huge benefit is the accountability factor, having someone to answer to and keep you on track with your nutrition plan, your training, your function and recovery.  There will be days when the training feels hard and days when you struggle to stay on your diet plan but your coach will keep you on course and that constant consistency is what will get you to your end goal.

A good coach will also help motivate and support you during those difficult times, they will remind you why you started in the first place and make you do that extra set or rep, they will congratulate you when you’ve put in the hard work and give you that extra push when you most need it.  They can also identify if it’s time for a bit more recovery and not over work you.  This takes your fitness goal from a one person attempt to a team effort and when you’ve got that support and have built a level of trust with your coach the stakes get raised.

Finding a good coach is one of the best investments you can make on your health and fitness, you will gain a huge amount of knowledge from them, enjoy the journey together and likely surpass your own expectations.