Finding it Hard to stick to training?

This is something we hear a lot and something you have probably experienced yourself. Everyone at some point will struggle with motivation or stray away from their training plan or goal. We have put together some of the top reasons we have seen in our experience for why people stop training and some solutions to help you get back on track and stay there. If you can identify where you are slipping up and introduce ways to combat this you are more likely to stick to your training plan and reach your goals.

Don’t have time – This is one of the biggest excuses we hear. Some of the fittest people we know have very little time through the week. They make the choice to prioritise training and schedule it into their week. A great starting point for someone with lack of time is 3 x 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training sessions per week. This is a very small portion out of a 168 hour week and if you have time to sit in front of the TV or scroll through social media then you have time to train.

Not seeing results or weight loss – This is another common reason and a lot of people give up or quit training before they have given their body chance to react to their new lifestyle. Results do not happen over night and can sometimes, depending on your starting point, take up to 12 weeks before you start seeing major progress. Try to focus on the health benefits of exercise, understand that it takes time and consistency then the results will come.

Struggle to commit to a training program or lack motivation – There are a few different things you can do to help this.

Set yourself SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific). If you have a long way to go with your fitness journey, set yourself some short term goals. When you hit each goal reward yourself. This will help break down your overall goal and help you stay on track.  

Find a gym buddy you can train with. This means you can both hold each other accountable and help motivate each other through your training. 

Make your training FUN! Too many times we hear people saying they are bored of their training. Yes there are optimal ways to train for certain goals but if you do not like training that way you are unlikely to stick with your training. Consistency is key so pick the way YOU like to train and exercise will become enjoyable rather than a chore. 

Too tired – Try working out before work or in your lunch break. When you are feeling tired and driving home after work it is too easy to accidentally miss the turning for the gym and head straight for your bed. Not only this but working out early in the day will energise you and have you feeling great about yourself and increase productivity during your working day. 

Diet – STOP USING FAD AND CRASH DIETS that are unsustainable and not designed for long term use, remember consistency is key, you need a diet plan that is easy for you to follow long term and supports your goals.  Get advice from a professional that doesn’t get paid based on the amount of supplements they can sell you.  You need to learn about nutrition and take control of your own diet. This will mean you can start making the right food choices whilst still enjoying the foods you love without starving yourself. 

Not fit enough to join the gym/do not know how to exercise – This is what the gym is for. Everyone has their own starting point and everyones fitness journey is individual to them.  Training is a skill like any other and needs to be learned how to be done properly. Get help from a personal trainer who can help train, teach and educate you about exercise and diet to make sure that you are doing the right thing. They will also help motivate you, hold you accountable, keep you focused and on track, support you when it gets tough and push that bit extra out of you to speed up the results. 

Can not afford gym membership – This should not prevent you from exercising. Home workouts with no equipment are easy to set up and perform. If done correctly and at a high intensity you will get a fantastic workout in. To help get you started click the link below and give this body weight workout a go. 

No Equipment Home Workout