Peter’s Journey at The Training Shed

“From an early age, health, fitness and wellbeing have been a pivotal part of my life.  Throughout the years, I have been an active sportsman, albeit the nature of my competitive sports has changed over the decades.

This involvement has ranged from Boxing, Athletics, Rugby, Football, Marathon running and during my 50’s and 60’s, Martial Arts and Triathlons.  Something I have learnt on this journey is to adapt your involvement in sport and training to suit your age.

As I am now in my 70th year, my approach is no longer about physically demanding training and involvements in very competitive sports, it is more about maintaining the level of health and fitness I have today throughout the next decade.  My ultimate goal now from a health, fitness and wellbeing point of view is to be an active grandfather for my four beautiful grandchildren. 

This is where my involvement with the team at The Training Shed comes to the fore.  They are brilliant at adapting training programmes to suit my age and physical capabilities.  If I were left to my own devices, without their involvement, I would probably be repeating the same exercises week after week.   Their approach is to vary the training and particularly concentrating on core strength and flexibility, which is so fundamental to leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

The added benefit I have also found by being involved with The Training Shed is the Therapy support, which is available on site.  Presently, they are helping me from a postural analysis point of view and then Jack (my SHED Coach) takes their comments and fits them into my weekly training session.

All I can say at this stage is thank you to everyone at The Training Shed for the camaraderie, help and advice.

To any newcomer of my age group, do not be put off by some of the extremely talented athletes that you will see training in the centre, because they are all just part of one big team helping each other.”


Peter Summerfield