What’s Your Genetic Potential?


Have you ever wondered why different people swear by different training and diet principles and seem to get results? It’s because these individuals have managed to find what works for them, normally by luck or by many hours, weeks, months and years of trial and error. We all know that something that works well for one person won’t necessarily work as well for the next person.

But what if we COULD tell you what WILL work for you…

Well, we can! and the answer is in your genes. By taking a simple cheek swab (no needles required!) of your DNA and sending it off to the clever people at DNAFit we can tell you a lot! 

Your sample takes up to 3 weeks to be processed at one of the world’s gold standard genetic testing labs in the UK and once the boffin scientists have processed your sample – it is simply destroyed. What you will get back is a detailed report about your genetic potential. This will tell us how you respond specifically to all manner of things health and fitness;


Power v Endurance Potential

Your report will tell you whether your genetics are best suited to power/strength or endurance based training methods or possibly a mix of the two! Training efficiently and ensuring your body is doing the correct type of training will simply get you there quicker and keep you there longer.

Aerobic Potential

Having the ability to know how well you respond to bouts of aerobic exercise and whether you are likely to see results from more or less aerobic training is a massive help when it comes to designing your training programme. A well known genetic study proved that those with non-responsive aerobic genes who followed a 1 hour, 3 times a week running plan for 20 weeks (yes, that’s 60 hours of running!) changed by as little as 5% and even not at all!!! However those with the responsive aerobic genes changed by as much as 40%+ – are wondering which one you are now?

Recovery Speed

Your recovery abilities are important for planning an optimal training programme, if you are a slow recoverer then you will need more rest between intense bouts of exercise in order to recover properly. Training too frequently before you are fully recovered may have a negative impact on your results if you aren’t fully ready to train at the right intensity. Ever heard the saying less is more? Well, that may well be the case for you!

Injury Risk

Your report will tell us whether you have a certain genetic expression that makes you more susceptible to tendon and ligament injuries, with this knowledge the right pre-hab protocols and training techniques can be put in place to prevent injuries as best possible. Coupled with your Recovery Profile this is powerful stuff. Most people overdo it at the beginning whilst not looking after their function appropriately and ultimately this causes them to fail. With this knowledge, we guarantee you will never stop progressing.


Want to know if you should be avoiding carbs, saturated fats, gluten, lactose, caffeine to name a few? A DNAFit will give you a 3-month personalised nutrition plane including breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, with recipes and even the shopping list that you can upload to a supermarket shopping cart!

On top of this, it will identify if you have any deficiencies in Vitamin A, C and E, Omega 3’s, Vitamin D and B-Vitamins and if you don’t then you may be wasting your money taking these supplements!