Our approach to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. We believe this comprises of three key areas: Training, Nutrition and Function. Each of these areas supports and benefits the others and, when combined with a good work ethic, the TRAINING SHED system has produced outstanding results, every time.

Friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, our team will help you on your health and wellness journey. Our aim is to give you a better understanding of each of the three areas in a programme tailored specifically to you. With the right knowledge and support from us, you’ll be able to develop the right skills and mindset to continue reaching your goals and keep hold of your hard-earned results. Our holistic approach is focussed on sustainable results and better health and wellness for life.

We make you better.

1 . Training

We take a no-nonsense approach to training with hard work, good form and quality of movement being the priorities. Our training space carries all the right equipment and our trainers have all the right qualifications, knowledge, passion and drive to push you to success.

At TRAINING SHED we take what your body can currently do and develop it into a body that does what you want it to do. All our training is individualised to each person – we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach, and we welcome everybody.

Whatever your starting point, whatever your current fitness, shape, size, weight… it doesn’t matter. You will always train in a way that works best for you. Our team will put everything they have into training you in the most beneficial way possible, and if you match this with your own work ethic then amazing things will happen to your body.

2 . Nutrition

At the TRAINING SHED we like to keep nutrition simple, to make it as simple as possible to fit into your everyday life. So no fad diets, excessively low calories or secret fat loss pills. Instead, we equip each of our clients with the tools and knowledge so that they can understand and manage their own nutrition based on their training goals.

Of course, like any other high-performance machine or engine, our bodies need the right fuel to function at their optimum best. Proper nutrition is essential and every good training plan is supported by an even better nutritional plan.

So whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or make particular changes to your body composition, or you’re an athlete wanting to perform at an even higher level, your body needs the correct fuel and in the right quantities.

Getting your nutrition dialled in correctly by people who know what they are doing can be the difference between a programme kind of working and a programme that gets extraordinary results.

3 . Function

Naturally, the body should move and function the way it was designed to. However, poor postural habits born out of living in the modern world means that most of us don’t, resulting in many of us carrying all kinds of muscular and form issues that need addressing.

For many people this could translate into lower back pain, shoulder pain and limited ranges of motion and flexibility in different parts of the body – issues that perhaps stop you training to your full potential and achieving your goals. At TRANING SHED we’re big advocates of corrective exercises to help solve current issues and prevent new problems occurring.

Our team of expert sports therapists, massage therapists and trainers are here to work on restoring your body to its best form. They’re also on hand to help with recovery after hard training session through massage, can help improve running technique through detailed analysis, and will teach you proper form and body awareness to prevent injury.

This focus on creating bodies that can move as well as possible directly transfers into not only better results from your training but into enjoying everyday life too.

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Meet the team. Our staff are all dedicated and highly qualified, ready to offer you advice and whenever required.

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The Training Shed uses a 1, 2, 3 approach to fitness, specifically designed to allow you to train your body the way it is meant to be trained.



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