At the TRAINING SHED we have a simple aim: to offer the very best functional tools, training environment and guidance to help you achieve your potential.

With this in mind, the equipment and training methods we use daily are based on simple movements; a philosophy supported by studies and international research published by experts from around the globe.

The knowledge we have gained from working with national and international professional sports teams, and in gyms around the world, has led us to design our training facilities for people of all abilities. The key inspiration behind all the equipment we offer at the TRAINING SHED is simply that it WORKS.

So, we offer a large selection of simple, effective training equipment to ensure that you are able to train your body in a manner specific to your needs and goals, in order that you get the results you want.

The TRAINING SHED is a facility that will motivate you, take you to new levels of training you perhaps never thought possible and is one that most professional sports teams dream of having.



The human body is an amazing machine. And you can keep yours finely tuned and train every plane of movement in the MUGA. You can test your strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness to the max with simple yet effective routines. With battle ropes, med balls, flow-win boards and our core training wall you can push yourself to your limits, whilst our cardio equipment including treadmills, rowers, bikes (including a watt bike) and ski ergos give you all the options you want every time you train.

Infinity Room

If you like lifting weights then the INFINITY ROOM will appeal to you. You can bench, squat and deadlift to your heart’s content, and if you want to learn a new skill such as Olympic lifting then just ask! Cable machines, glute ham benches, monkey bars and gymnastic rings, and a vast selection of weighted training tools such as kettlebells, clubs and weighted vests will ensure you can mix your training up to get the best results.

The Studio

Whether you are taking part in one of our highly acclaimed classes, an Athletic Development or Athletic Performance session THE STUDIO is a great training space with a fully-walled mirror to help you check on your technique. A lot of our education programmes and FUNCTION assessments such as our Functional Movement Screen and Running Assessment take place in this excellent training space.

Treatment Rooms

Our Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinic is an integral part of the service we offer at the TRAINING SHED.

We have two treatment rooms, a consultation room and a private exercise and rehabilitation studio for assessments, screens and rehab training. We also utilise the fantastic array of equipment in the MUGA and Infinity room giving you the best integrated treatment approach for your recovery.

Market Harborough

Meet The Team

Meet the team. Our staff are all dedicated and highly qualified, ready to offer you advice and whenever required.

The Training Shed


The Training Shed uses a 1, 2, 3 approach to fitness, specifically designed to allow you to train your body the way it is meant to be trained.



We have partnered with other leading companies in the sports and fitness industry to offer our members the absolute best training experience.

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At the Training Shed we believe in keeping things simple, if you would like more information on membership click here.


You can pop in and see us anytime and we will gladly give you a guided tour and answer any questions…oh and bring your kit, you might as well have a FREE workout on us whilst you’re here.


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Mon - Fri 6:30am - 9:00pm

Sat - Sun 8:00am - 3:00pm