Food Diary

Record your food and drink habits for 7 days and our nutritional advisor will review your diet choices. You’ll receive quick and easy to follow personalised top tips and advice. This could be the first step you take to improve your diet or to check you’re on the right track to meet your current targets or a new training programme.

Food Diary     £25.00

Nutrition Analysis

In addition to the Food Diary, you will be asked to complete our Nutritional Analysis Questionnaire. This gives us more information about your health and fitness goals. Your personalised feedback includes a detailed analysis of your Food Diary including recommendations for calorie, macronutrient and water intake, as well as supplement recommendations to help you achieve your goals quickly.

This service is essential for weight loss and body composition goals as well as for sports specific training needs.

Nutritional Analysis     £40.00

Nutrition Consultancy

Our Nutrition Consultation service enables you to complete both the Food Diary and Nutritional Analysis Questionnaire prior to a half hour talk with our Nutrition Advisor.

Once you have completed and returned your Food Diary and questionnaire a Nutrition Consultancy will be arranged usually within a week. You will then be able to discuss your nutritional recommendations and example meal plans in more depth and ask any question you may have. We strongly recommend using this service to kick start a new health and well-being regime or to troubleshoot if you are having difficulty reaching your targets.

Nutrition Consultation      £60.00


You can pop in and see us anytime and we will gladly give you a guided tour and answer any questions…oh and bring your kit, you might as well have a FREE workout on us whilst you’re here.


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