I did my first shed zone today. It really suited me.  30 minutes pushing myself against myself.  40 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds rest kept me in the yellow zone and often in the red.  I’ll be back for more!

C Faull

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The best way to start a Sunday; Twisted! A great mix up of TRX routines and circuit training stuff. Fast paced, lively and great fun with great instruction.

R Hudson

This upbeat and energetic class instantly makes you want to do as much as you possibly can and really push yourself, I cannot recommend Short Fused enough!

K Bateman

Challenging good fun, brilliantly instructed and gives you abs of steel.

D Burrows

The HIIT classes are always a challenge no matter how many times you do them!! There isn't a muscle that doesn't get targeted! It is a full body workout led by great trainers who make it fun and create a great atmosphere to workout in!

N Solomans

As a runner and cyclist this class compliments my training well. They help build and maintain a strong core as well as the rest of my body. Since doing these classes I rarely get injured. When doing long races I'm still able to hold good form despite hours of running. The coaches vary the workouts to keep pushing us and keep the classes interesting.

A Holt

Knockout is great fun - high tempo combination of punching, burpees and core work. What more could you ask for on a Monday evening, especially if you've had a bad day?!

J Montagu

30mins of max intensity to raise your heart rate & keep you going through the afternoon slump. Great way to increase fitness levels & get an all over body workout without spending hours in the gym. Run by instructors who want to be there, & want you to enjoy the class.

G Johnson

I've been going to Razed sessions for the past 3 months. It's never easy getting up and out for 6:30, but once I am there I never regret it. The sessions are always challenging and enjoyable and I get to feel smug all day knowing that I did it.

K. Glason


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