Training Shed among the first in Leicestershire to use the latest in wearable sensor technology for rehab and screening.

Training Shed among the first in Leicestershire to use the latest in wearable sensor technology for rehab and screening.

Whether you are an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast or just committed to your health, managing your pain and improving your quality of life just got easier with Training SHED adopting state-of-the-art technology called ViMove2.

ViMove2, which has been developed by Australian medical device company dorsaVi, consists of mini wearable sensors that are placed on a patient’s body and provide real-time analysis of movement, muscle activity and performance.

The device’s wireless features enable analysis outside the clinic, thereby allowing healthcare professionals to pinpoint the causes of pain and discomfort in their patients. ViMove2 can also be used in the clinic to aid patient assessments by generating objective, real-time data.

The most commonly cited reason for people visiting a physiotherapist is low back pain (33%), followed by knee (13%), shoulder (12%) and neck (10%). ViMove2 provides important information that can assist the healthcare professional in determining the causes of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in a range of anatomical locations, including the lower back and knees. The device does this by outputting a range of concrete data that is then analysed by a healthcare professional to improve baseline assessments and rehabilitation efforts. Never before has this level of information been available to the general public.

“Having worked with elite international sports teams and athletes for the past ten years we feel excited and privileged to broaden our customer base to include the Training Shed, leaders in the fitness industry. Their approach to health and performance training is both advanced and innovative, we look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with the Training Shed team as they incorporate ViMove2 technology into their service offering” Ed Butler MSCP – dorsaVi

Matt Williams Lead Sports Therapist at the Training Shed is extremely excited to offer ViMove2.

“ViMove 2 is a fantastic and innovative product that gives us an extra dimension in our assessment,  treatment, management and programming of injuries and athletes. The ViMove2 allows us to accurately measures and assess parameters we never before could. Factors such as ground reaction forces, ground contact time, knee varus/valgus angle, lumbar-pelvic movement ratios and crucially assessing the effect of fatigue on movement are now all easily measured with the ViMove2. All of this means we can assess and break down an athletes movement pattern with great ease, accuracy and with fantastic results.”

“A major benefit of the ViMove2 system is the simple ease of use. The assessments are quick and easy to carry out and with easy to read graphics, interpretation of the data is easy for clinicians and patients. The instant feedback means we can make subtle changes to an athletes movement patterns and see the results instantly. By repeating the same movement or by conducting a circuit we can track movement fatigue and highlight at what specific point movement becomes compromised.”

“This technology will enhance our SHED screening and assessment tools, optimising the services we provide in the Injury and Rehab Clinic as well as on the gym floor.”

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