Our vision is to be the best provider of health and wellness to the many. It’s in our DNA.

The TRAINING SHED’s genetic code is made up of Coaches, Therapists, Trainers, ex-athletes, international authors, industry course educators, and gym goers. We’ve got a ton of qualifications from diploma’s to Master’s Degree’s, written lot’s of courses and sold over 1.5 million books in eight different languages. We’ve spent time traveling the world educating for some of the best companies in the industry (who are now our partners!) and we are still learning. We’ve done it all but don’t necessarily agree with how it’s being done.

So, we decided to create something different. An environment where we can improve together, share our knowledge and experiences and give you the best advice and support. We’ve built a facility that motivates and excites, that test’s and educates. Our approach is holistic and we have everything you’ll need under one (SHED) roof.

We focus on the most important factor, your journey, each of you will have a different start and end point, you’re unique and no one-size-fits-all. TEAM SHED are here to identify and support your journey whatever your goals may be.

Young and old, healthy and unhealthy, new and experienced, we care and we are here for you.

We make you better.