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AMSPORT® are professional sports nutrition, they research, develop and produce nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids for elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

TRAINING SHED works hand-in-hand with AMSPORT to educate health and fitness professionals about the benefits of proper nutritional strategies. Our extensive knowledge and AMSPORT’s world-class products make for a perfect fit for the TRAINING SHED in helping us to deliver our clients goals.

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TRAINING SHED is powered by our good friends (equipment and flooring suppliers) at Indigo Fitness. These guys really know their stuff and we have many years history with them during our roles at professional sports clubs and as industry consultants. They currently supply to many Premiership Football and Rugby Teams, International Sports Teams, the Military, Schools, Universities and Gym Operators.

We also help them to develop new innovative training equipment some of them from our own ideas, so watch out for kit that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the perfect fit!

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DNAFit put the power of personal genetics in your hands, helping you reach your fitness and nutrition goals on the most personal level possible.

Guided by a simple saliva swab, they create a truly personalised solution to unlock you, but better.

DNAFit is on a mission to change fitness and nutrition, one genome at a time. TRAINING SHED are a true partner of DNAFit in that we help to train people all over the world for DNAFit. So you really are getting the best advice for this test.

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TRAINING SHED is proud to partner MyZone to bring you the most accurate measure of physical effort, to ensure you get the results you want. Voted the Best Wearable Activity tracker 2016, the MZ-3 is a next-generation heart rate monitor used to provide you with instant accurate effort feedback – from anywhere. Activity tiles transmit to displays allowing members to compare their effort to others within the SHED. And with the MYZONE app, members can track their effort while on the go.

Ask at reception to book a demo belt to try in one of our classes. And if you wish to purchase an MZ-3 belt a member of staff at reception will be able to give you more information on how to do this.


Over the last 20 years SAQ have earned an unparalleled reputation throughout the world for providing innovative movement training solutions.

SAQ started out working with professional clubs including Premier League football clubs, world renowned rugby and cricket teams and top athletes. These exact same training methods and skills are now available to schools, local government, grass roots organisations and the public helping to improve movement skills throughout. TRAINING SHED is helping to deliver these SAQ courses worldwide with the SAQ training systems forming the backbone of our Sports Performance training programme at the SHED.


Whether you are an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast or just committed to your health, managing your pain and improving your quality of life just got easier with the TRAINING SHED adopting state-of-the-art technology called ViMove2.

ViMove2, which has been developed by Australian medical device company dorsaVi, consists of mini wearable sensors that are placed on a patient’s body and provide real-time analysis of movement, muscle activity and performance.

Coupled with our highly qualified Function & Injury Clinic experience and knowledge this partnership allows us to provide world-leading screens & assessments.