Assessments & Screens

We offer a comprehensive set of screens and assessments to assess, monitor and improve your current condition. These include postural analysis, training screens and performance sports assessments such as our renowned Running Assessment. All of which are designed to better understand you and give you a tailored plan to improve.

We use the world-leading Vi-Move2 system from our assessment partner DorsaVi.

Postural Analysis

A thorough postural assessment will analyse your posture from head to toe, front and back and side to side. The aim of the assessment is to identify the causes of your pain/discomfort and develop a suitable treatment plan to overcome these issues.

The Postural Analysis will assess factors such as;

  • Spinal curvatures Lumbar mobility
  • Pelvic rotation and orientation
  • Muscular asymmetries
  • Shoulder positioning
  • Foot arch assessment
  • Quality of movement

Each assessment is completely individualised allowing the clinician to investigate any major competency. After an assessment, you will be given your feedback including a personalised take-home exercise plan.

The postural analysis is perfect for those who spend long hours at work or who suffer from bad posture. Check out our Postural Analysis Guide for more info.

Postural Analysis: £45.00

Training Screen

A more comprehensive and practical assessment than the world-renowned Functional Movement Screen, the TRAINING SHED Training Screen takes an individual through a variety of fundamental movements and movement patterns. The assessment will use video analysis and dorsaVi movement sensors to assess movement control, stability and quality highlighting major competencies within these fundamental movements.

Following the assessment, feedback will be provided and an action plan including an individualised prehabilitation programme will be developed based on your results.

Ideal for those that enjoy training and working out. Check out our Training Screen Guide for more info.

Training Screen: £55.00


An extremely detailed and thorough assessment designed for all runners from park runs through to marathons and beyond. This assessment tool will establish a baseline of functional ability, control, and mobility whilst also assessing running performance and highlighting areas for potential development to improve robustness and performance.

This assessment includes;

  • Training volume and intensity
  • Running shoe analysis
  • Postural assessment
  • Strength, endurance and motor control assessment of key muscle groups
  • Movement assessment
  • Develop a soft tissue profile assessing muscle tightness
  • Gait analysis, in a variety of running settings

Using the dorsaVi movement sensors we are able to assess a variety of running based parameters including;

  • Ground reaction force
  • Initial peak acceleration
  • Ground contact time
  • Cadence

You will be provided with in-depth feedback, including an individualised prehabilitation programme and an action plan to enhance your running performance.

Check out our Running Assessment Guide for more info.

Running Assessment: £110.00