Basics to fat loss!

Just like when building a house you need to start with a solid foundation. The same applies when starting out with fat loss.  Before you even start thinking about the finer details like which supplements you should be taking, should you be ‘carb cycling’ or which exercises are going to bring out your ‘lower abs’, you need to get to grips with the basics first.


This comes first on our list because it’s the most important part! Getting your diet right is the most influential factor when it comes to fat loss.  NO amount of training will make up for a poor diet plan.  When aiming for fat loss you must be in a calorie deficit. This means you must be eating less calories than your body is using up for energy. However you must make sure you are consuming an adequate amount of protein to help preserve your muscle.  Eat an amount of food which will induce fat loss but also fuel your training and lifestyle, ie: DON’T STARVE YOURSELF.  It will take some practise to find this sweet spot.


For optimal results in fat loss a program which focuses on building strength through the whole body is best. Regularly using your muscles reminds the body that it needs to keep hold of your muscle mass, forcing it to get rid of more fat when in a calorie deficit.  Adding in protocols like intervals, sprint training and metabolic conditioning are also great ways to help spur on fat loss.  Train frequently, put the work in and finish each session knowing that you’ve pushed yourself.

Be active

Outside of the hours you put into training you should still try to be as active as you can in all other aspects of your life.  Walk as often as possible, take the stairs instead of the lift, stand instead of sitting down, your body is designed to move so make it move.  All this extra activity requires energy from your body which helps build the calorie deficit you need to lose fat.  The more you can build this deficit through being active, the less you have to take away from the calories you consume which means you can eat more.


We all respond slightly different to training and diet approaches, the key is to find the one that works best for you.  Finding a style that you enjoy makes you more likely to continue putting in the work and sticking to the plan long enough for you to see results.  Sustained fat loss does not happen overnight so you need an approach that will help you go the distance and finish the job!

Have a plan

Take some time to get yourself organised.  Work out what your exact goals are, how much weight you want to lose or what body fat % you want to be at.  Find out where you are right now and plan how you’re going to get from A to B.  If you’ve got a way to go then put some important milestones in there and set dates for when you want each of them achieved by.  Have a training plan ready and a diet strategy to follow, these will likely change along the way but you need something to be following.  Make a note of the things that may get in the way of your progress like work/family/social life etc and what you can do to work them in around your goals without derailing you.  Track your progress constantly and assess everything, keep what works, get rid of the rest.

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