At the TRAINING SHED, our classes provide a motivating and fun way to exercise, with a chance to learn some new and exciting ways to train – that you won’t find anywhere else!

Our classes are unique to us and we guarantee that you will get what you’ve always been looking for… RESULTS.

You can now book and pay for all of our classes online.

SHEDZone classes

What is a ShedZone Class?

SHED ZONE classes are the TRAINING SHED’s answer to virtual classes!

Designed (& tested!) by our SHED coaches and monitored via MyZone Heart Rate belts, choosing a 30 minute SHED ZONE class ensures challenging and motivating workout for you! Each class has video demonstrations to ensure correct technique,  the correct heart rate zones are recommended throughout to ensure you are working at the right intensity and a target number of MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) is set to ensure you push yourself!

Within the 25 SHED ZONE classes set on our timetable per week, we have 5 formats to choose from – HIIT, TWENTY TEN, NON-STOP,  RAMP & SPIN.

Each class stays for a month so get booked in, come and work hard, beat your MEPs and improve with SHED ZONE!


Single Sessions

SHED Classes can be done on an ad-hoc basis and you don’t have to be a TRAINING SHED Member to do them.

You can now book and pay for all of your SHED classes online.

Member £3.00 | Non-Member £6.00

10 Stack

Non-Member Stack – Save 25% – £45.00
Member Stack – buy 9 get 10th FREE – £27.00


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