It’s not a box ticking exercise.

We’re on a mission to change the way businesses think about the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

The Training Shed is all about inclusivity and we recognise that every company and it’s employees needs are different.

That’s why we have 3 options to take care of everyone;

In-house facilities

We can design, build and manage your in-house training facilities.

Trained in Whether it’s a full redesign of your fitness space or refreshing some old equipment, we can help you to get the most out of an in-house facility.

You With over 8 years experiences developing bespoke training spaces and managing facilities we can incorporate the very best set-ups with our specialist corporate health programmes to ensure you look after your workforce properly.

Access to experts

Our Coaches undergo rigorous training above and beyond industry standards. The Training Shed Coach standard is held in high regard by health and fitness industry professionals and we do it so that we can help you.

Trained in everything from specific goal programming, sports performance, injury rehabilitation and genetic testing our coaching team really do cover all bases.

You can access all of our services in-person or online making it 100% accessible to all.

MiSHED workout classes

Our most popular option for companies of every size.

We can provide your employees with a workout class every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

From functional fitness classes; Tabata, HIIT, Fused, Non-Stop to Boxing, Cardio, Strength and Yoga.

Our fully corporate branded app allows your employees to workout whenever they want, wherever they want, with whomever they want! Invite colleagues to classes, do a team workout and even set intra-company challenges the options really are limitless.


We’ve also partnered with Wellonomics!

During lockdown we recognised the need to be at the heart of a more robust corporate wellbeing solution, so we teamed up with the awesome team at Wellonomics.

Wellonomics is the most sophisticated data secure workforce wellbeing tool around combining a smart individual wellbeing assessment with smart individual wellbeing solutions, all facilitated by leading experts. (We’re their new Health experts!)

So, if you would like a wellbeing solution that helps you invest your time, energy and wellbeing budget, getting the best returns then look no further. Wellonomics takes the guesswork out of workforce wellbeing by providing individual wellbeing insight across the 6 key wellbeing indicators – Sleep, Health, Stress, Social, Financial and Work and providing you with clear and concise management feedback ensuring you cover all bases when it comes to Corporate Wellbeing.

The Wellonomics in-app assessment allows users to respond openly and discretely about how they feel right now using our unique response slider. Wellonomics then returns the most intelligent wellbeing solutions for each and every user from a database of over 1,200 outcomes. With Wellonomics, workforce wellbeing is anything but box ticking. 

“Wellonomics is delighted to be working in association with Training Shed. We are united in our quest for improving mental health and physical wellbeing for all. This collaboration has allowed us to provide leading health expertise to our ever growing team of experts”

Peter Yates-Round

Co-Founder of Wellonomics.

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