How do I train from home, now that I’m working from home?

For some people working from home may already be part of your daily life, for others, working from home is new and a potentially daunting opportunity. Now I say opportunity because there are pros and cons to this new normal:

Pros – You get to wear jogging bottoms, gym gear, or PJs – no judgement – 24/7 if you want to.

Cons – You are no longer surrounded by colleagues to chat to. Maybe your social life now consists of chatting to your 5 year old.

Pros – You get to set your own schedule.

Cons – How can you find routine with no structure?

Pros – It may force you to slow down and take more time for yourself.

Cons – What if your time for yourself was exercising and now the gyms are closed?

We are going to help set out some tips to help you get that WFT/TFH – Working From Home/Training From Home routine sorted.

Create space:

Ok so your living room is probably not the size of the MUGA, but think about those busy Monday nights when you had to fit a workout into a small space in the gym. You don’t need a great deal of space in order to train. But, have a look at your space and priorities. Those coffee table books look great, but what do you most need that space for over the next few weeks? If you have a garage, this might be the perfect opportunity to have a clear out and create your very own home gym. You are far more likely to train if you have dedicated some space to do so.

Nail that routine:

Even for those of us who aren’t very organised, the 9-5, daily commute, and after work classes or gym sessions gave us routine. Now that you are at home that doesn’t need to stop. Add structure to your day by getting up at the normal time and setting aside the same time each day to workout. Schedule it in like a meeting. Now that you aren’t commuting, you may have some extra time, so why not add in an at home mobility session to wake your body up or stretch after a day at your desk?

Get outside:

Of course we are all about the #StayHome life, but if you can get outside for a bit of exercise, do! Do your workout from your garden in a lunch break, or have a run around your local area before sitting down at your desk. Being outside is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D as recommended by the NHS. Remember to keep your distance from other people but a smile or a “Good morning” is definitely recommended.

Try something new:

This shift from the gym to home is a great opportunity to shake up that workout routine. The Training Shed is one of many businesses in the fitness industry that has risen to the challenge. You can find loads of great content out there for free to help you get your body moving. This may be the perfect time to incorporate a new class before work, many of which are now virtual. Or maybe set yourself a challenge, could now be the time to master a handstand? Add in a 10minute skill session during your lunch break to practice.

Use your tech to keep you accountable:

We have already mentioned the great online fitness content on YouTube and social media, now let’s go a step further. Missing your gym buddy? Compete with them on MyZone, join our online fitness community on social media, or schedule a video chat to go for a run after work with your friends. Just because you’re are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t socialise. Even if you are used to training alone, set the notifications on your fitness apps to remind you to get up and move, or add your workout to your “To Do” list or calendar.

Remember to move:

While you may be doing all of the above, when working from home it is tempting to spend long hours sitting at your desk. We are naturally going to be moving less. So be mindful of this and set some intentions to move more during your working day. Walk up and down the stairs during a phone call, run a PE class for your kids as part of their home schooling, set yourself a squat AMRAP – as may reps as possible – while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

Like we said, it’s an opportunity! We hope these tips will help give you some motivation and ideas to stay active while you #StayHome.

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