Acushnet Europe Ltd

Acushnet is a global leader in performance-driven golf products, which include the brands Titleist and FootJoy.

The leadership team, at the UK Region at Acushnet Europe Ltd, immediately recognised the value in understanding the fitness and wellness levels of their people.

They initially embarked on a Wellbeing Score pilot before rolling out to the entire workforce of 228.

The results from the Wellbeing Score highlighted several areas, within the office and warehouse, which needed to be addressed before they became a health and safety or human resources issue.


Passed with flying colours


Failed a quarter of the tasks


Average age of workforce

“The results have been outstanding, with significantly more employees using our facilities and focussing on their own wellbeing. I could not recommend the Training Shed team highly enough. They have brought significant expertise to our in house understanding, facilities and programs.”

Matthew Johnson

General Manager - UK Region at Acushnet Europe Ltd

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