Supporting our residents to improve their health and wellbeing

What's your Wellbeing Score?

Huntingdonshire District Council & Training Shed

The Training Shed is supporting Huntingdonshire District Council’s mission to support their residents to improve their health and wellbeing.

By encouraging the Huntingdonshire residents to complete the Wellbeing Score™ we aim to provoke meaningful wellbeing conversation, encourage sustainable health, nutrition and movement habits and enhance the wellbeing of the district.

*Data provided to Huntingdonshire District Council & One Leisure is anonymous.

Why take the Wellbeing Score?

The Wellbeing Score™ is a non-intrusive twenty question assessment that delves into daily nutrition and health habits and analyses functional movement abilities.

  • Learn about your Health and Nutrition habits
  • Assess your Movement abilities
  • Quantify your Wellbeing
  • FREE 50 page Health and Wellbeing e-book

What's your Wellbeing Score?