Make sure you do this if you love running!

At the SHED we believe in training the way you enjoy and with summer upon us more and more people are getting out and running.

This is GREAT!

However with more people running, there is an increase in the number of people coming through the doors with injuries such as tight calves, sore knees, tight hip flexors and sore lower and upper backs.

These injuries can come as a result from your body not being fully able to meet the demands of running long distances.

Lets take running for weight loss for an example.

The first thing most people will do is increase their cardio, which is normally in the form of running as it can start and finish at your front door, requires no equipment and can clear your head after a stressful day at work.

The second thing most people will do is start a very low calorie diet. Mixing these 2 steps together is where the problems can start.

When running, your body expels a lot of energy and if it’s not fuelled properly you will break down muscle tissue very quickly and become weaker. As muscles like the glutes (major muscles used during running) become weaker and inactive, other smaller muscles have to take on the workload resulting in them becoming over used and lead to injuries. 

Your body is simply NOT STRONG ENOUGH for these demands!

So what’s the solution?

Fuelling your body correctly and including some strength training to your program.

We understand people love to run for all different reason but you have to be physically strong enough to carry out that activity. By fuelling your body correctly and running a strength training program along side your running you will prevent muscle tissue breakdown and increase your overall body strength which in turn will help prevent reoccurring injuries. 

If you love to run, then we want you to run and we want you to be able to run far without any issues.

So if this sounds like you and you keep picking up injuries from running, come in and speak to the SHED TEAM and see how we can help!

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