Science tells us it takes 66 days to change or build a habit, so we created Wellbeing66.

A coach led journey to sustainably improve your wellbeing.

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MiSHED Classes.

A coach led class every hour, every day – that’s 168 every week.

Workout with friends from anywhere and see your effort get rewarded!

Class types include functional training, LIVE Myzone™ classes, Yoga and more!

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Wellbeing Membership.

Our simplest, most accessible training plan putting building blocks into your training to help meet your goal.

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Training Plan.

Training for something specific?
Get a bespoke 8 week goal based training plan to hit your goals quicker. 

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Nutrition Tracking.

The saying that “you can’t out train a bad diet” is definitely true, however we understand that “perfect nutrition” is not always realistic.

Forget fad diets and work with a SHED coach to maximise your results.

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Online Coaching Membership.

Our most training efficient training plan.
Make every rep and step count with a Training Shed coach in your corner.

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Injury Clinic.

Our Injury clinic appointments are designed to get you back on your feet whether you want to return to sporting activities or just get back to your normal lifestyle we can help you recover from your injury.

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Have you taken the Wellbeing Score yet?

Test your wellbeing and see how we can help you with your health goal.

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