Our Approach

We understand that every single person is different in many different ways; physiologically, genetically and mentally. When it comes to making changes to your health and wellness, no two people have the exact same starting point, the same journey, respond the same to certain changes or even have the same desired goal.

For us being fit, healthy and well is not the end result of a short term plan and end state but more of an ongoing process that constantly needs work and will change based on yourself. This ongoing process of improving your health and wellness is highly individual to each person in order to get the best out of your efforts.

Yes there are many ways to skin a cat and some effective generalised protocols out there but what we do at Training SHED is to help you find the most effective plan for you, tailored to your individual needs, your strengths and weaknesses, your personality and even your genetics.

This saves time experimenting with different programmes in aim to find what suits you best and gives us a specific blueprint for you from day one. This ensures we help you hit your goals quicker than any other way.

The SHED Way

Every journey should start with a plan. How you formulate that plan is based on the information you have to hand.

Are you healthy? Are you well? Are you fit? Are all common questions when it comes to assessing your health and wellness, however the answers to these questions are only part of the information needed to ensure your permanent success.

We believe that you should consider four areas for your perfect plan.

  • Train – What you do
  • Nutrition – How do you fuel?
  • Function – Your ability to perform
  • Mindset – What makes you tick

We use just three simple questions throughout your journey. A simple but effective method it helps us to collect the necessary information in order to develop your perfect plan.. Who are you? How are you? Where are you? The answers to these questions provide the essential information to guarantee your continued success.

Who are you?

Our groundbreaking MINDSET PARQ is the first of its kind and will tell us everything we need to know about you to keep you motivated and responding positively.

How are you?

Our SHED MOT and Health Check show us how you are at this moment in time, we collect feedback based on your body stats such as your heart rate, blood pressure as well as your body fat%.

Where are you?

Our 10 point Health & Wellness SHED Score is the first step to understanding where you are and how we should start.

Over time these questions develop into more focused plans and we are also able to get a deeper understanding of who you are through other tools like genetic and blood testing. A more rounded assessment of how you are through services such as the SHED MOT and Health check and a greater understanding on your current Health and Wellness status with continued monitoring and appropriate testing where literally anything can be achieved. After all our mission at the TRAINING SHED is to make you better.