“Myzone are delighted to be partnering with The Training Shed, The Training Shed ethos of focusing on the individuals needs and the detail put into all aspects of a customers training plans to maximise results, and therefore build a life long commitment to wellbeing, fits perfectly with the personalisation that is a the core of Myzone.”

David Stalker

“The Training Shed was one of DNAfit’s first fitness and wellbeing partners and remains one of our longest-serving and most successful. If you are looking for professionals who are highly skilled at interpreting and implementing DNAfit to ensure optimum results, this is where you will find them.”

Avi Lasarow
CEO International Prenetics (DNAFit Founder)

“Wellonomicsis delighted to be working in association with Training Shed. We are united in our quest for improving mental health and physical wellbeing for all.”

Peter Yates-Round

Co-Founder and Director of Grasp the Nettle Ltd.

AMSPORT has fuelled over 100 Olympic medals and multiple World Champions from the German Football team to Swimming. We have always demanded the best ingredients and the highest quality treatment for everything we have done.

In the Training Shed we have found a team that reflects our goals and our commitment to excellence. The level of experience in their staff and the approach they have to ensuring their customers get the best possible service is amazing to see and be a part of. We are delighted to have a strong partnership together with the Training Shed.

Charles Newbould

Managing Director

Prep Perfect is a meal prep company that focuses on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals by providing them with well-balanced and nutritious meals. With busy lives, not everyone can dedicate the time to preparing healthy meals for the week. Which is why we do all the prep for you and deliver the meals to your door.

 We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Training Shed, creating bespoke meal plans for people, tailored to their unique DNA FIT test results. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply increase your energy levels, we’re excited to help you succeed.”

 Jodie Williams

Director Prep Perfect Food Ltd

We’ve got a dream to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts all around the world feel amazing and achieve even more.

So we’re more than a little bit pumped to be joining The Training Shed community as their recovery partners. The Training Shed strives to educate and inform their clients in all areas of health, fitness and wellbeing, helping them to go further and get more out of their training, so we’re proud to be working with a great bunch of likeminded people.

Kate Brooker

Performance Manager

“dorsaVi is a wearable sensor technology that is designed to analyze how people move. This revolutionary sensor technology can identify injury risk, assist with a rehabilitation process, track progress and improve performance.

We are thrilled to partner with the Training Shed. Our technology fits perfectly with the Training Shed’s philosophy of performing a comprehensive assessment on all their clients and then tracking their progress with objective data. We have dorsaVi clients worldwide but our partners at the Training Shed are one of our most innovative, educated and successful locations.”

Joanna Goldin PT, MCSP

Head of Clinical Product Sales

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