Genetic Testing

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Well the answer is in your genetics and you can find out by taking a simple cheek swap (no needles required!) of your DNA and sending it off to the clever boffins at the DNAFit genetics lab.

Within 2 weeks, you will receive a detailed genetic health and wellness report which covers the following;


Power v Endurance Potential

Are your genetics best suited to power/strength or endurance based training methods or possibly a mix of the two! Training efficiently and ensuring your body is doing the correct type of training will simply get you there quicker and keep you there longer.

Aerobic Potential

Do you like aerobic exercise like running and biking? A well known genetic study proved that those with non responsive aerobic genes who followed a 1 hour, 3 times a week running plan for 20 weeks (yes thats 60 hours of running) changed by as little as 5% and some not even at all!!! However those with the responsive aerobic genes changed by as much as 40%+ – are you wondering which one you are now?

Recovery Speed

Recovery is a vital part of an optimal training programme. Training too frequently before you are fully recovered may have a negative impact on your results, meaning you won’t be fully ready to train at the right intensity. If you’ve ever heard the saying less is more you’ll know what we mean!

Injury Risk

It turns out some of us are more susceptible to  tendon and ligament injuries. Knowing this enables you to put the correct strategies in place to prevent injuries as best as possible. Coupled with your Recovery profile this is powerful stuff.



Should you be avoiding carbs, saturated fats, gluten, lactose, caffeine to name a few? A DNAFit will give you a 3-month bespoke nutrition plane including breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, with recipes and even the shopping list that you can upload to a supermarket shopping cart! We can even send it off to our clever partners at Prepperfect who can prepare all your meals for you!

On top of this it will identify if you have any deficiencies in Vitamin A, C and E, Omega 3’s, Vitamin D and B-Vitamins and if you don’t then you may be wasting your money taking supplements!

Bone Mineral Density and Obesity Reports

Find out how your genetics may impact your risk of bone mineral density related conditions and your obesity risk. Discover what action you can take to prevent future health problems.


Discover your genetic stress tolerance and predisposition toward better sleep quality. Learn how your genetics predispose you to be either a night owl or morning lark.

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