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Our simplest, most accessible membership for long term health and wellbeing.

Whether your goal is to Get healthier, Lose weight, Get fitter, Build muscle, Get stronger or simply Get started the Wellbeing Membership is for you!

All Wellbeing Memberships start with our SHED66 journey – a 66 day, coach led, habit changing journey that is designed to help you build sustainable habits and get results for a lifetime not just an occasion.

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Wellbeing Membership Includes:

SHED66 Journey.

Science tells us it takes 66 days to change or build a habit, so we created the SHED66 journey to kick start your Wellbeing Membership and help you focus on building habits that last!

With a Coach Consultation on day 1, day 33 and day 66 we will take you through your Wellbeing Score™, assign and explain your training plan and work with you to set your habit changing goals.

Your SHED coach will be there to help and motivate you along your journey.

Build habits that last!

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Weekly Goal Based Training Programme.

Progressive training programmes, with video demonstration and coaching tips, all designed to get you results.  

From beginner to advanced. No equipment to full gym.

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Coach-Led Classes.

Want to mix up your training?

Choose from your library of On Demand Classes, fun SHEDit “finishers”  and monthly SHED HIIT challenges. 

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Extra tips & advice.

Lots of SHEDucation videos providing extra tips and advice. Including our awesome SHEDEats Recipe Book providing 30+ new recipes every month!

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All this for £9.99/month!

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