During lockdown we have been working hard to make some changes to our set up and put measures in place that will keep you and our team as safe as possible.  To ensure the ongoing success of the Training Shed and for us to be able to keep our doors open for you it is important that everybody respects the new measures put in place and follows all our new procedures so that we can collectively cooperate to do everything possible to make sure no cases of Covid-19 occur in house.  These new changes are for your safety first and foremost, to keep Training Shed as a safe place to visit we cannot stress enough how essential it is for everybody to strictly adhere to these new guidelines and procedures.

Inside the SHED we will be maintaining the 2m distancing rule.  At all times in the SHED you must stay 2m apart when using any equipment whether fixed or movable.

YOU MUST thoroughly clean any equipment you have touched immediately after use and sanitise your hands at any one of the five stations in the facility.

YOU MUST never visit the SHED if you feel in any way unwell.

YOU MUST sanitise your hands on arrival and exit of the SHED.

YOU MUST follow the markings and walkways on the floor.

YOU MUST never enter a training zone when someone else is already inside it.

YOU MUST follow the arrows on the floor and use the designated walkways to move between different areas of the SHED.

YOU MUST wait for somebody using the designated walkway to exit before entering the walkway.

YOU MUST maintain a 2m distance from fellow SHED users unless absolutely impossible to do so when moving around the facility.

YOU MUST not use your own gym towel.  Strictly only use of the paper towels and antibacterial spray bottles provided is allowed.

YOU MUST sanitise your hands between training zones.

YOU MUST always use the cleaning equipment provided to clean what equipment you have finished using.

YOU MUST immediately dispose of any paper towels used in the bins provided.

YOU MUST exit the SHED promptly after your sessions and not gather in groups  in any inside areas to chat to staff or other members.

YOU MUST not bring any bags into the training area at any time.

YOU MUST use the booking system on our app or website to book all sessions in advance.

Training Sessions will be available to book on the hour every hour throughout our opening times and will last 55 minutes to allow a change over of members/visitors between time slots.

Please turn up on time and do not arrive early, waiting in the hallways for your session.  All members from the previous time slot must leave the facility before any members from the following time slot can enter.

Thank you


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