Our mission in the work space

We’re on a mission to change the way businesses think about their fitness facilities and the wellbeing of their workforce.

A Shed space is all about inclusivity. We make it work for everyone by personally involving them and building a culture of awareness around general health and wellbeing. We call this ‘Sheducation’ – the more an employee knows about their own genetic, mechanical and physiological make up the more control they have over their life. Awareness builds trust which leads to interaction and action.

Go beyond the box ticking exercise and truly know what shape your workforce is in.

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Reduced sick days, higher productivity, long-term cost savings … everyone knows the advantages of a healthier workforce,  but do you know the shape everyone is in?

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Training Shed has partnered with Wellbeing experts Wellonomics.

Wellonomicsis the refreshing antidote to the traditional staff satisfaction survey.

For many years’ businesses’ have been asking their employees, with boring regularity, to tell them how great their organisations are!

Wellonomicstears up the rule book and asks employees directly (and confidentially) to assess their own physical and mental wellbeing both personally and in their place of work.

By asking users to react to 39 simple lifestyle statements the Wellonomicsassessment collates and provides instant and meaningful personalised feedback for the individual.  At the same time Wellonomicscollects de-personalised and aggregated data that provides accurate and up-to-the-minute information for the organisation regarding the relationship employees have with their place of work.

If you are a progressive business leader, and really care about your workforce Wellonomicsis the ultimate wellbeing tool for you.

“Wellonomics is delighted to be working in association with Training Shed. We are united in our quest for improving mental health and physical wellbeing for all.”

Peter Yates-Round

Co-Founder and Director of Grasp the Nettle Ltd.

Acushnet’s Wellbeing Score journey

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